the small green studio A purpose-led production team

We believe that impactful storytelling can move mountains and we work with people who want to lead on positive change with us

We blend big corporate and third sector gumption to do good for people and planet

At home we start small

  • Ethical and transparent banking
  • Rebuild, repair, reuse vintage camera equipment
  • Recycling, composting and capturing water
  • Studio and camera gear is charged by renewables
  • Super low carbon website design and hosting
  • Zero printing and plastic policy

On the move we set an example

  • Plant based consumption and refillable bottles
  • Double offset where air travel is unavoidable
  • Low power LED lighting on-set
  • Solar charged electric vehicle; it’s also small and green!
  • Tree planting with Ecologi and Ecosia search
  • Using our global broadcast network to minimise unnecessary travel

What that means for our clients

  • Smashing bespoke content, with an added feel-good factor; knowing we’ve employed ethical and sustainable practices to create it.
  • Our industry is typically wasteful, elitist and prone to greenwashing narratives. We start with purpose and build from there, influencing as we go.
  • We partner with organisations to offer opportunities to traditionally underrepresented groups.
  • CO2 reduced 3.35T
  • Electric powered miles 3,187
  • CO2 emitted per website visit ˜[...]

We offer our services to social and ethical enterprises and use our network to amplify their causes

Working with people who have lived experience of different issues, better enables us to create authentic stories with businesses who want to have an impact in their industry.

Production services


Key messages can be more memorable and emotive by telling stories, but only if it's done right. We're documentary geeks and we work carefully to get the best from our contributors. When we combine all of this with cinematic shots and top notch sound design, the results can be magical.

We have a global network of producers and self-directing camera operators who have tested their mettle in some of the most difficult environments. This means that when there's little time to plan or a rare opportunity to capture the footage our clients need, we can deploy rapidly and deliver immediately. And all without burning through the carbon to get it.


Your people are your main asset. And yet we often see plain, uninviting mugshots that don’t scream “work with us”. In light of home and flexible working arrangements, why not set your brand free with team shots that reflect this?

Make your content stand out with an image library of your people and products in their natural habitat. You can spot generic stock photos a mile off and it detracts from the unique brand identity you work hard to maintain.

Ask us about imagery for a specific brief; for web or editorial.


We put as much effort into our podcasts as any production. And we’ve been making them for a long time. As they’ve grown in popularity, it can be more difficult to stand out. We can help programme, record and promote your show.

If you've got the bandwidth, we've got the expertise. With extensive experience in getting you and your content through a tiny wire to your audience wherever they may be.

Event Capture

Capture the essence of your conference or event, in photo and video. We can offer a full service of delegate portraits, reportage of speakers and audience participation.

We can also gather soundbites and commentary to promote future events, or work into a highlights reel. Often these can be turned around quickly to play at the end of the event or to send as a follow up.

We love getting out and about and we're used to capturing the action, even if we have to chase it down.

With 360 cameras, vehicle mounts, helmet cams, long range lenses and high speed camera drones. We can help the audience feel like they're part of the action, which usually means getting involved ourselves. Which is no bad thing.

Digital Marketing

Let us curate and create snackable content for your social media, elevating your brand and keeping you relevant. Anything from memes to copywriting and carousel photos, videos, or graphics.

We can help you make continued improvements to your comms and social channels, including advertising, scheduling, and community management. We can fit in with your existing team or leave it all to us.

Selected work

A homeless person shown in a film for Crisis
A forest classroom being built in a film for YesMake
A bike event film for Flamme Rouge
A training film for B Lab UK
A lighthouse shown in a film for S&L

Our flexible team

We're multi-skilled creatives with a common mission, united by a shared passion for purpose-driven projects and delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Nick, Founder & Chief Creator


Founder & Chief Creator

Nick started the small green studio to use his multimedia powers for good, and to be fussy about the clients he works with.

Fi, Content



South London's finest written and audio content specialist. Fi spent a large part of her career creating world class visitor experiences.

Betty, PR & Social


PR & Social

A published celebrity PR specialist and self-confessed Bridgerton fan. Betty lends her time around the odd sports day and school run.

Fran, Reportage



Immersing herself in humanitarian and world causes gets Fran into those hard to reach spots for awesome reportage photography style.

Morg, Green Advisor


Green Advisor

A former green party candidate for Guildford. Morg keeps us on track with ethical decisions as we grow our small studio portfolio.

Harry, Moving Image


Moving Image

Harry has a passion for live action, motion graphics and animation. And a love of stage and theatre production.